Here I am, annoying my darling Titi.

My Four-Legged Therapist

My home is full of animals. Being a guardian to animals, particularly a bunch of them, does require some sacrifices. I don’t have a lot of what I would consider “nice” things, simply because animals can be dirty and destructive, even accidentally. Sometimes they’re even just being jerks. (My cat Nero, for example, likes to look me in the eye while knocking a glass to … Continue reading My Four-Legged Therapist

Therapy for none

Therapy for None

This post is a continuation of a previous post, “Therapy for All.” I was admittedly surprised that my previous post about how talk therapy can be helpful for some people garnered some backlash, but I should know better about the Internet by now. So, let’s address it. As a advertisement for the previous post, I shared the excerpt: “We often think of therapists as a … Continue reading Therapy for None

On Self-Hate

CW: Discussion of depression, suicide, and mental health As a person who’s struggled with clinical Depression as long as she’s had memories, the concepts of “loving yourself” and “self-care” have always made me raise an eyebrow. Sure, I can get on board with those concepts in theory, but in practice? Now you’re pushing it. I stopped trying to talk about this with friends a long … Continue reading On Self-Hate