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A Palace from Ruin

I try to listen to at least one new song everyday–music really is my lifeblood. Lately, I discovered singer/songwriter Dermot Kennedy and I can’t recommend him enough. Granted, I’m a bit of a sucker for a man who can sing, but there’s something particularly haunting about his songs. His lyrics are lovely, too, and one of them (“A closeness”) has got me thinking: Got a … Continue reading A Palace from Ruin

Choose You

CW: discussion of childhood trauma, mention of assault The most traumatic part of my assault was actually a decision I made directly afterwards. I didn’t even realize I was making a decision, and at such a tender age I should’ve never been in a position to have had to make said decision. I had finally found my mother, the mission I’d originally been on when … Continue reading Choose You

On Self-Hate

CW: Discussion of depression, suicide, and mental health As a person who’s struggled with clinical Depression as long as she’s had memories, the concepts of “loving yourself” and “self-care” have always made me raise an eyebrow. Sure, I can get on board with those concepts in theory, but in practice? Now you’re pushing it. I stopped trying to talk about this with friends a long … Continue reading On Self-Hate