Femme portrait circa 2005

The Comparison Framework

It is good advice that one ought not measure their insides by someone else’s outsides. That is, don’t use anyone else’s measuring stick to figure out your own, personal progress in life.┬áBut I’ve never been one for good advice. I prefer to make the mistake myself, much to my mother’s dismay. She always tried to tell me, but I always had to see for myself. … Continue reading The Comparison Framework

Me, waiting for a train that will never come. Circa 2012.

Don’t Hate Me Because I Hate Me

Confidence is sexy. Don’t ask me where I learned that, it’s just one of those things “everyone knows.” Surely you’ve learned this too, either in conversation or directly. As a person who’s never had much self-confidence to speak of, I can’t tally the number of times well-meaning friends have instructed me to simply “Be confident!” as though that is actually helpful life advice. They act … Continue reading Don’t Hate Me Because I Hate Me