Confessions of a former grammar nerd

When your home life is less than ideal as a child, you generally pick something to dive into to distract you from the familiar chaos. For me, that distraction was school. Teachers liked me because I was quiet, kept to myself, and listened in class. So I leaned into it. I worked hard, I almost always pulled straight-As right up until Junior year of high … Continue reading Confessions of a former grammar nerd

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A Binder Full of Women

When I was in middle school, I kept a binder full of cut-out magazine pages. As much as I enjoy a good collage, that’s not what these were. They were literally full pages from glossy magazines I’d carefully cut out and placed into plastic sheet protectors in a binder. There were several sections, covering my interests, but the two biggest sections were largely portraits–one for … Continue reading A Binder Full of Women

Therapy for none

Therapy for None

This post is a continuation of a previous post, “Therapy for All.” I was admittedly surprised that my previous post about how talk therapy can be helpful for some people garnered some backlash, but I should know better about the Internet by now. So, let’s address it. As a advertisement for the previous post, I shared the excerpt: “We often think of therapists as a … Continue reading Therapy for None

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What Becomes of the Brokenhearted?

The air is cool this morning, but I still have the summer blanket on the bed. I pull the fleece close to me, trying to conserve the heat within my blanket cocoon, when the alarm on my phone starts blaring. It screeches and insists I type in a pattern to silence the cacophony, but none of this truly stirs me from my slumber. I’ve silenced … Continue reading What Becomes of the Brokenhearted?

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We don’t need artists like Louis CK

There have already been a lot of great pieces written about Louis CK’s unexpected return to comedy at NYC’s Comedy Cellar (what an appropriate name) this passed Sunday. I personally recommend Roxane Gay’s take, but want to go just a little bit further. So many people are wrapped up with the idea of creating a path to redemption for these admitted abusers, but what if… … Continue reading We don’t need artists like Louis CK